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Do you want to officiate hockey at the highest levels?  It all starts with joining your local Assocation.  Below are some of our officials who have all worked or started at the local Las Vegas ice rinks.



















Wally Lacroix - 14 Years Professional ECHL/AHL                                                      Adam Hendren - ECHL Referee / AHL Linesman
















Ryan Towsend - USHL/ECHL/AHL                                                                            Dan Leavitt - AHL 
















Jackson Kozari - WHL/AHL                                                                                        Logan Wescott - AHL


Nate Kozari - Amateur Offical Development Program - NA3 / NAHL / USHL



Other notable LVHOA Alumni not pictured;

Todd Owens - 14 Years Junior (USHL) and Professional ECHL/AHL

Aaron Story - AHL

Jason Mandroc - AHL

Cody Castro - AHL

Jackson Kozari AHL.jpg
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