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Click the link below to pay your NVIHOA Dues. You will be asked to accept the NVIHOA Code of Conduct before moving on to pay your dues.


What are the NVIHOA dues used by the association for?

Your NVIHOA dues help to cover expenses such as our scheduling software, supplemental training programs, and providing other member-focused events and resources. Dues are paid annually. 

When does registration open to become an official for next season?

USA Hockey registration is open year round, but registration for next season opens on August 1st every year.

If I am already registered as a paid player, do I need to register and pay to be an official too?

Yes, this would apply for coaches who want to be a certified official as well. USA Hockey requires players, coaches, and officials to register individually for each category every year.

When does my USA Hockey registration expire?

Your registration expires on November 30th every year. Current officials must have completed their registration by this time or they will not receive game assignments until they complete the registration process.

When is the seminar season?

Seminars typically run July through October, but always check the seminars page, as we occasionally add a mid-season seminar.

If my child is interested in attending a seminar, do I have to attend with them?

Parent’s are permitted to stay if they choose, but it is not required.

What is the minimum age you have to be to officiate?

USA Hockey does not indicate a minimum age to officiate, however anyone under 14 has to go through an additional process through the State of Nevada. If you/your child is under 14 and interested in officiating, please submit a message through the website to be contacted with more information.

As a parent of a youth official, do I have to attend my child’s games while they officiate or can I drop them off and pick them up?

You don’t have to attend your child’s games, although it is recommended. Just make sure they arrive on time and that you’re there to pick them up when finished!

I’ve completed the entire registration process. How do I get games?

First you will need to set up your account on Time To Score and update your availability. The LVHOA Board will send you your log in information once you have confirmed that you have completed the registration process.

How do I get paid?

All games assigned by NVIHOA will be paid by NVIHOA based on your schedule shown in Horizon Web Ref. If you see any errors, please contact your assignor.

Payments are made monthly. We make every effort to pay by the 15th of the month for the prior month's games.

What information does an official need to supply to get paid?

Officials need to supply a W-9 to get paid by each club, rink or by the association. Officials will receive a 1099 from payrolls where they have earned more than $600.

What is required of me related to a jersey?

To start you will need a linesman sweater with snaps. Purchase orange armbands that snap on and off of a linesman sweater. We recommend purchasing a Referee Sweater with the arm bands sewn on, but it is not required.  

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